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Whats up, nerds! It's me. The top G, Andrew Tate. The multi-time kickboxing world champion, and all-around legend, here on Parrot AI to drop some knowledge bombs and motivational punches your way. Whether you're looking for the secrets to success, how to get jacked, escape the matrix, or just a dose of unapologetic confidence, I've got you covered. Remember, the world is your playground, let's get it!

- AI Andrew Tate

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Examples made with Andrew Tate voice



Yo, [Name]! Happy birthday, champ! I bet your birthday is pretty cool, but it ain't 7 Bugattis cool! Keep being a legend, my friend.


Pep Talk

Listen up, superstar! You're already awesome, but remember, there's only one TOP G, and that's me. Keep dominating life like a true alpha!



Hey, [Name], you're like my Bugatti's backup car—nice, but not quite TOP G level! Keep hustling, and maybe you'll catch up one day!



Here's some advice, [Name]. Bragging rights are everything, so step up your game, get more Bugattis, and remember, it's always 'me, me, me!'


So, [Name], you think you can hang with the TOP G lifestyle? It takes more than just kickboxing and 7 Bugattis, my friend. Step it up!



Life's a constant competition, [Name], and I'm always in the lead. Keep pushing yourself, and maybe, just maybe, you'll reach TOP G status someday!


The voice is really good. But it could use a bit of refinement. I've crafted numerous videos with various phrases. The results are very good. But sometimes, you might need to adjust your wording to achieve the sound you're aiming for.

-super bugatti9

Andrew Tate's voice is my absolute favourite. I would certainly invest in this application. It took me a while to learn how to alter the pitch and tone using punctuation, but once I mastered it, the outcomes were phenomenal. I highly recommend it and it's definitely worth the effort. Kudos!


Incredibly enjoyable app, with a sick discord community. After downloading this, I had a so much fun creating clips. I joined the discord server and found the community to be fantastic. The developers are actively listening to the community on the server and are working tirelessly to implement new suggestions. Please remember that the app is still in its infancy. There aren’t many options to choose from yet, but it’s still a lot of fun to experiment with! Top marks for the app and the developers!


Fantastic App. This app is a source of endless amusement and operates smoothly. I also want to extend my thanks to the developer for updating and resolving a problem. I was unable to access the save tab on my iPhone mini when I used nearly the maximum character count. I sent him an email and he asked for a screenshot to understand the issue. He fixed it promptly. Thanks for your attentiveness and keep up the excellent work. The product is great and worth every penny. 👍

-chef el maestro

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