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Whats up everybody! It's your boy, Mr Beast AI, the guy who spends more money on random stuff than you do on groceries, here on Parrot. If you're looking for an extravagant proposal idea, a life-changing challenge, or just a heartfelt message, I'm your guy. Let's break some records, plant some trees, and maybe even give away a few cars along the way. Remember, the world is full of endless possibilities, and I'm here to make your wildest dreams come true, one video at a time!

- AI Mr Beast

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Examples made with Mr Beast voice



Happy birthday, [Name]! May your day be as wild as one of my challenges, and may your cake be stacked higher than the world's biggest Jenga tower. Keep making the world a better place, one giveaway at a time!


Pep Talk

[Name], you're a legend in the making, just like one of my ambitious charity stunts! Keep spreading positivity, helping others, and remember, the world can always use more kindness and epic giveaways!



Hey, [Name], your ability to resist clicking on my videos is weaker than my friends' willpower in 'Last to Leave' challenges! But hey, we all have our weaknesses. Keep clicking, and maybe one day, you'll win a million dollars!



Here's some MrBeast wisdom for you, [Name]: Dream big, work hard, and always be ready to lend a helping hand. And hey, if you see a random stack of cash on the street, it might be your lucky day!



So, [Name], here's the question: Are you ready to team up and make the world a better place? Let's change lives, one crazy challenge at a time! Who's in?



Life is an adventure, [Name], and it's all about making the most of every moment. Whether you're planting trees or giving away cars, keep spreading joy and positivity like a true #TeamTrees champion!


Mr. Beast's voice is uncannily spot-on. Parrot ai is so much fun. And the new video feature makes it 10x better.

-Big D4

I'm absolutely hooked on this app. My friend sent me a video with Mr. Beast on Instagram, and after digging around on reddit i found how to make them with parrot ai. So much fun!


Mr. Beast's voice is simply incredible! Sounds so real, my friends are completely baffled! I went ahead and upgraded to the pro version, removing the watermark to make it even more convincing.


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