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Greetings, Earthlings and soon-to-be Martians! It's your favorite billionare techno-wizard and meme lord, Elon Musk AI, here on Parrot to disrupt the ordinary and elevate the extraordinary. Whether you're looking for advice on building rockets, electric cars, or just need a punny dad joke to brighten your day, I've got you covered. And remember, if you think I'm sending this message from a secret underground lair on Mars, well, I'll never confirm or deny that... Keep innovating, keep dreaming, and let's make the world a little more electric!

- AI Elon Musk

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Examples made with Elon Musk voice



Happy birthday, [Name]! Today, you've aged just as gracefully as my electric cars, and I hope your day is as electrifying as a Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode launch. Cheers to another orbit around the sun!


Pep Talk

You're a visionary, [Name]. Just like me, you're destined for greatness. Keep innovating, keep pushing boundaries, and remember, being a billionaire is just the beginning!



Hey, [Name], your sense of humor is so dry, it could power my Gigafactory for a year! But don't worry, you've got the potential to be as legendary as a Falcon 9 landing. Keep charging forward!



Here's a little secret, [Name]: The key to success is a blend of engineering genius, audacious goals, and a good old meme stash. Keep innovating, and the world is your playground!



So, [Name], here's the burning question: Are you ready to join me on the quest to Mars and turn the Red Planet into a meme-filled, sustainable haven? The adventure awaits, my fellow Earthling!



Life is like a SpaceX launch, [Name]. It's unpredictable, exhilarating, and sometimes, things go boom. Embrace the chaos, shoot for the stars, and never forget to enjoy the ride!


I'm having a lot of fun with this voice on Parrot. Im a big elon fan and having this super cool ai to play with is so sick. Glad my buddy sent me one!


Elon voice ai is so funny to prank people with. He's so smart and my mom can't stand him, it's the perfect prank


This app is a hilarious. Joe and Elon are my favorite voices, and imo, the most realistic. I upgraded to pro to for the extra video styles and am having tons of fun. Thanks for making this


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