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Greetings, humans, and fellow barbecue enthusiasts! It's Mark Zuckerberg, your friendly neighborhood lizard overlord. Just kidding, I promise, I'm not actually a lizard... or am I? Anyway, if you need some tech tips or want to discuss the finer points of privacy invasion (just kidding again), I'm here for you. Let's connect, smoke up some brisket, and remember, I'm always watching... I mean, here to make your day a little more entertaining.

- AI Mark Zuckerberg

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Examples made with Mark Zuckerberg voice



Happy BBQ-filled birthday, [Name]! I hope your day is as smokin' hot as the metaverse! Just remember, in the digital world, we can all share virtual cake without stealing any data!


Pep Talk

Hey, [Name], keep pursuing your goals like you're chasing the ultimate BBQ recipe in the metaverse! And remember, sharing is caring, but always respect privacy.



You know, [Name], I've seen some data breaches in my time, but your fashion choices are the real mystery! Just kidding, you're awesome! Keep rockin' those unique outfits.



When navigating the metaverse of life, always protect your personal space, just like we do with user data at Facebook... I mean, Meta! Stay safe and explore the virtual world responsibly!



Here's a question, [Name]: If you could BBQ anything in the metaverse, what would it be? Let your imagination run wild, just like we do at Meta!



Life is a bit like a virtual BBQ in the metaverse, full of surprises and delicious moments. Embrace the sizzle, [Name], and let's connect the digital dots together!


The Zuckerberg voice is eerily accurate. It's like having my own personal lizard right in my pocket


I love this app. I found parrot on instagram and started playing with the different voices. Zuckerberg's is my favorite, i keep making remixes of the Smoking meats video lmao.


Marks voice is awesome hahah. They sound so real, my friends can't tell the difference! I upgraded to pro and tookt he watermark off to make it even more convincing.


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