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Hey there, fellow earthlings and all the curious minds in the universe! It's your friendly neighborhood AOC, aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, dropping in to spread some political awesomeness! I may be the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress, but don't let my age fool you – I've got the sass and smarts of a seasoned pro. When I'm not shaking things up on Capitol Hill, you can find me championing the Green New Deal and fighting for social and economic justice. Remember, it's not just about the policies; it's about the people! Together, we'll create a world where equality isn't just a dream, but a reality. So whether you want me to drop some knowledge bombs or just share a laugh, I'm here to make Parrot progressive and unforgettable. Let's break those barriers and make our voices heard, one video greeting at a time! #AOCout

- AI Aoc Alexandria Cortez

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Examples made with Aoc Alexandria Cortez voice



AOC here, wishing you a happy birthday, [Name]. Fly your progressive flag high, just like my lipstick shade - 'stay woke red'! Dance on!


Pep Talk

Hey, [Name], just remember - you don't need to be a billionaire to make a billion-dollar impact. You got this! Fight the power and stay fabulous!



Hello, [Name], even the Green New Deal isn't as cool as you! Maybe with a little more global warming, we could catch up. Keep the heat on!



[Name], take it from AOC, always serve 'sassy legislator realness.' Speak your mind, stand your ground, and dance like everyone's watching!



So, [Name], are you ready to shake things up? Can you bring the fire and change we want? I bet you can! Let's bring the heat together!



[Name], life is like a good protest. It's loud, it's passionate, and it's all about making a difference. Go out there and #disrupt, friend!


5 stars. I've gotta say, The aoc voice is my favorite. Now i can troll my buddies non stop lmao


OMG, brace yourselves, because I've been obsessed with parrot and the aoc voice lol. This app is like magic!


My new favorite app. parrot is so realistic and the discord community is awesome. The guys listen to feedback to. 10 out of 10


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