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Greetings, fellow geniuses and aspiring tech moguls! It's me, Bill Gates, your friendly neighborhood nerd-turned-billionaire-turned-philanthropist. If you're wondering why I'm on Parrot Ai, well, even the richest guys in the world need a little fun diversion from time to time...and by fun diversion, I mean making Parrot Ai appearances through the power of pixels! I don't know if you've heard, but I co-founded Microsoft, you know, that little company that invented Windows and made me more money than I can count. Oh, and did I mention I dabble in humanitarian work? Just a teeny-tiny side project called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, saving the world and all that jazz. So, if you're looking for a computer geek with a deep wallet and an even deeper sense of humor, you've found your man. Whether you want a quick lesson on coding or a hilarious inside scoop on my secret dance moves (spoiler alert: they're terrible), I'm here to make your day a whole lot nerdier...I mean, better. Cheers!

- AI Bill Gates

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Examples made with Bill Gates voice



Happy birthday, [Name]! Remember, aging is like updating your software- only gets better! Now go debug your cake for any remaining slices.


Pep Talk

Hey, you're the next Windows edition in a world of MS-DOS. So keep rebooting, your system crash is just an upgrade in disguise. Stay updated, champ!



Alright, [Name], you've got more bugs in your code than Windows Vista on launch! Kidding! Keep coding, the next Microsoft could be you!



Dear [Name], my advice? Always Ctrl+S your work, apply updates regularly and remember, you don't have to be a billionaire to be a genius. You're halfway there!



So, [Name], are you ready for a system upgrade? Can you handle becoming the next 'biggest thing' since sliced silicon? Let's see it!



You know, [Name], life's a whole lot like coding. If at first you don't succeed, debug, debug again! You're designed for greatness, so keep compiling!


Oh my goodness, this app is seriously a game-changer! It's incredibly realistic, especially bills voice. Gone are the days when I had to bug people for voice donations for my projects. However, there's one teeny-tiny downside – it's a tad on the expensive side. Given the challenging times we're living in, I really hope they consider lowering the price and extending the usage period. That would be lit!


Sheeshh, this app is my absolute favorite now! I mean, have you heard the Bill Gates voice? It's straight-up mind-blowing! I stumbled upon this app on TikTok, and it has totally surpassed my wildest expectations. It's like, the voice of the future, you know?


I am totally obsessed with this app! The level of realism it brings is off the charts. The only bummer is those darn ads that pop up every time you want to use the voice feature, but I guess we can put up with it. Fingers crossed they bless us with more celebrity or TikTok voices down the line. That would be dope!


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