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Hey there, mere mortals! It's your friendly neighborhood killer doll, Chucky, here to slash my way into your hearts. You might remember me from my killer debut in Child's Play, where I showed off my killer vocabulary and a face only a mother could love. Soul-stirring performances, terrifying jump scares, and my charming good looks have made me an iconic horror figure. So, if you're brave enough, I'll gladly deliver a personalized video message that will haunt your dreams forever. Just remember, I'll always be watching... with my creepy doll eyes and sharp little knife. Let's play!

- AI Chucky

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Examples made with Chucky voice



Hey [Name], guess who's crashing your party? Little ol' me! Wishin' you a birthday full of surprises and... sharp objects - just kiddin', enjoy your day!


Pep Talk

Listen good, [Name]. Life's full of stitches but you've got the stuffing to fight back. Play nice and you'll come out top! I 'dolli-ve' in you!



[Name], you remind me of my favorite knife, always on the edge! But remember, always handle the sharp end - you're cut from a different cloth after all!



Here's a killer tip, [Name]. The world's your playground, so go play! But remember, break a few rules... it's more fun that way!



Hey [Name], ready to pull some strings and make [Your Goal] your puppet? You got this, don't 'freak' out!



[Name], you're just like a puppet show, full of ups and downs but never dull! Remember to keep them on the edge of their seats. Stage fright? Nah, not you!


This app is absolutely incredible! It's hands down one of the most helpful and awesome voice changing apps I've ever used. Now I don't have to bother everyone I know to lend their voices for my projects. That's a major advantage. However, it does burn a hole in my wallet pretty quickly. I really hope they can make it more affordable because this app is awesome and super useful. But it's definitely not cheap. Especially in these challenging times, it would be fantastic if they could lower the price and offer a longer subscription period, like a month instead of just four days. That would be more considerate and, most importantly, it would be even better.

-Chucky The Doll

I'm obsessed with this app! It's seriously the ultimate app OMG. I can't even express how much I adore this app. The voice changer for Dua Lipa is absolutely amazing. OMG, I saw this on TikTok and immediately downloaded it. And let me tell you, I have no regrets whatsoever!

-Chucky The Doll

I absolutely love this app! It's so realistic and the only drawback is that an ad pops up every time you want to change your voice. But that's alright, I still love it. I hope they can add even more celebrities or TikTokers ❤️

-Chucky The Doll

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