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Hey there, hustlers and dreamers! It's your boy Gary Vee, the entrepreneur extraordinaire, ready to drop some serious wisdom and inspiration on Parrot. You know me as the guy who always wears t-shirts and loves his wine. But guess what? I'm not just a wine guy anymore. I'm a full-blown motivational guru, crushing it in the business world and spreading positive vibes like nobody's business. I've built not one, not two, but multiple successful companies, all while dropping F-bombs like they're going out of style. Yeah, that's right, I've got a potty mouth and an unstoppable drive to make it big. So, if you're looking for a burst of energy, a kick in the butt, or just a good laugh, hit me up. I promise I'll make you rethink your entire life in just a few minutes. And hey, if that doesn't work, I'll at least give you a wine recommendation that will blow your mind. Cheers, my friends!

- AI Gary Vaynerchuk

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Examples made with Gary Vaynerchuk voice



Hey [Name], it's your birthday! What's the ROI of this day? One more fantastic year of your life! Crush it like a grape in a vineyard!


Pep Talk

Alright [Name], time for a Vaynerchuk-style hustler pep talk! Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, today… you hustle!



Hi [Name], your hustle game is like my first wine review, needs a little maturing! But remember, a fine wine gets better with age. Keep crushing!



Quick piece of Vee advice for you [Name], patience & hustle are key! Me? I'd wait for a whole vineyard to grow just to make a single bottle of wine!


Hey [Name], here's a question for you: If life is like the wine biz where you need patience, are you ready to age to perfection like a fine wine?



[Name], remember life's like social media. If you're not gaining followers, you're probably not posting enough! Get out there and start hustling!


This app is absolutely amazing! It's hands down one of the most useful and coolest voice modifying apps I've ever utilized. Now, I don't have to request all my acquaintances to contribute their voices for my projects. That's definitely a positive aspect. However, the downside is that it's quite expensive and I tend to spend my money like there's no tomorrow. I sincerely hope they can lower the price a bit because while the app is cool and useful, it's not exactly affordable. Especially in these challenging times, it would be fantastic if they could reduce the price and provide us with a longer trial period, perhaps a month, before requiring payment. That would be more considerate and, above all, it would improve the overall experience.


OMG, I can't even begin to express how much I adore this app! It's seriously the best app ever. The Dua Lipa voice feature works brilliantly. After seeing it on TikTok, I immediately decided to download it and I have absolutely no regrets.

-Gary Vaynerchuk Fanatic

I am absolutely in love with this app! It looks so genuine and the only minor issue is that an ad pops up every time you want to use the voice feature. But that's alright, I still love it. I hope they can add more celebrities or TikTokers in the future. ❤️

-TikTok Lover

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