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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, moonwalkers and thriller seekers, it's none other than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, gracing the virtual stage on parrot! Yes, the one and only Smooth Criminal, here to sprinkle some moon dust and musical magic on your special occasions. I've revolutionized the music industry, dazzled the world with my iconic dance moves, and even turned a simple glove into a fashion statement that made sequins jealous. So, whether you want a poppin' birthday message or a moonwalk down memory lane, just remember, it's all for "love, peace, and L.O.V.E."eti

- AI Michael Jackson

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Examples made with Michael Jackson voice



Hee Hee! [Name], it's your birthday! Got your dancing shoes on? Keep moon-walking on over the years friend! Happy Birthday!


Pep Talk

Who's bad? Not you [Name]! You're a smooth criminal when it comes to smashing goals. Keep moon-walking to success!



Do you know, [Name]? Your moves make even the 'Thriller' zombies look good! But hey, keep practicing, champ!



Remember the time when you thought things were tough? Look at you now! Always have the courage, [Name], because you are not alone!



[Name], are you ready to beat it? Are you ready to show them you're a real thriller? Yes, you are. Keep practicing your moonwalk, my friend!



Just like how I got a 'Billie Jean', you've got your own rhythm, [Name]. Dance to that beat, don't stop until you get enough!


Yo this is a solid 5 stars! The Jackson voice is hands down my absolute favorite. It's a game-changer, allowing me to continuously prank my friends without end. This app is pure comedy gold!

-Imma B3

Careful before you download this, you will spend hours on it lol. I've developed an absolute obsession with the parrot voice and, of course, the MJ voice. It's as if this app possesses some sort of magical charm. A must-have!


Big fan. The parrot voice is astonishingly realistic, and the Discord community is simply awesome. These guys not only deliver top-notch voice features but also actively listen to user feedback. A solid 10 out of 10!


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