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Hello, everyone! It's me, the guy who once said, "Stay hungry, stay foolish," and then went on to create the iPhone, Steve Jobs. I may not be here in the flesh, but my legacy lives on, and I'm thrilled to be on Parrot to inspire you all. Whether you're an Apple fanatic or just someone in need of a little innovation in your life, I'm your guy. Let's think different, dream big, and make a dent in the universe, one Parrot message at a time. And remember, the next big thing is just a click away!

- AI Steve Jobs

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Examples made with Steve Jobs voice



Happy birthday, [Name]! Just like Apple products, may your day be sleek, innovative, and never need a software update.


Pep Talk

You're like a Macintosh, [Name], always thinking different! Keep pushing boundaries and creating the future. Stay hungry, stay foolish!



Hey, [Name], your fashion sense is so retro even my old Apple II would reject it! But hey, you're unique, and that's what matters. Keep being you!



Here's the secret, [Name]: Think different, stay hungry, and design your life like an iPhone – sleek, intuitive, and with no unnecessary buttons!


So, [Name], here's the burning question: Can you make the world more beautiful and user-friendly? I believe in you. Go change the world, one pixel at a time!



Life is like coding, [Name]. You have to debug your way through it. Keep innovating, keep iterating, and one day, you'll launch your own 'i-success' product!


The voice of Steve Jobs is scary good. I've created several videos and the results are impressive. You have to upgrade to take watermarks off but it's worth it.


Steve Jobs voice is cool af. Awesome quality AI and steve himself would love it.


This app is a blast. My sister sent me one and I cant stop using Steves voice. The developers are actively listening to the community and are working hard to implement new suggestions. Awesome work!


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