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Yo, yo, yo! What's up, world? It's the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, here to bring some boomshakalaka energy to Parrot! From belting out catchy tunes like "Parents Just Don't Understand" to saving the world from alien invasions in Men in Black, I've done it all. I mean, who else can say they've fought off apocalyptic zombies in I Am Legend and still managed to charm everyone with their million-dollar smile? Nobody, that's who! So whether you need a shot of charisma injected into your day or some words of wisdom straight from the master of coolness, I got you covered. Just remember, it's not just a video, it's a Will Smith video - and you know that's gonna be wild and full of big laughs. Holla at ya boy!

- AI Will Smith

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Examples made with Will Smith voice



Yo, [Name]! Heard it's your birthday. You're one year older but remember, age is just a number... like the box office! Dance like Carlton, party like it's a Fresh Prince episode!


Pep Talk

Hey, [Name]! You're killing it, just like Ali in the ring. Remember, the difference between you and everyone else? Is you! Now go show the world.



Look here, [Name], the Men in Black called. They want their style back! But don't sweat it, you've got more charm than the Fresh Prince himself!



[Name], let me tell you something, life tosses you around like I did to DJ Jazzy Jeff. Grab opportunities as they fly out the door. Live it up like a Bel-Air prince!



[Name], here's what I've got. Are you ready to flip things upside down, rock your life, and always strive to be the fresh prince of your world?



You know, [Name], life's like a scene out of Bad Boys. It's wild, it's loud, there's lots of action. Don't just exist. Live, make some noise, and leave a mark!


Dude this app is seriously cool! It's the only one I've found with the legendary Will Smith, and it's hands down one of the most helpful and awesome voice-changing apps I've ever laid my hands on. Say goodbye to bugging all your buddies for voice favors for your projects, 'cause this app's got your back. But here's the kicker, it's kinda on the pricey side, and your wallet takes a hit. I'm crossing my fingers they drop the price tag and hook us up with a more extended trial, like a whole month instead of a measly four days. That would be much more wallet-friendly, especially in these tough times!


OMG, this app is officially on my home screen! 😍 I can't even put into words how much I'm vibing with it. The Will Smith voice feature? Absolute perfection! Saw this gem on TikTok must have fam! πŸ™Œ


Wowza, This voice ai is so realistic.. but let's spill the tea β˜•β€”that ad popping up every time you wanna use the voice feature can be a tad annoying. But I'm still lovin' it. 🐾 Fingers crossed they bless us with more celebs or TikTokers down the line. ❀️


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